The Best Places That I Have Been To
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The Best Places That I Have Been To

Best Places

The Best Places That I Have Been To

I have immense pride in being an international jet setter as I do enjoy my vacations to other countries a lot. I am originally from India, and I make sure that I visit another country at least once in a year. That is something that I really love doing because I enjoy myself a lot. Travelling has always quenched a thirst in my soul that always longs to travel. In this article, I will discuss briefly about some of the countries and places that I have travelled to, and I will also talk about the best places to visit within those countries.

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The first on the list would be the United States Of America. In The USA I have mostly travelled around the west coast, and that is mainly because I have family there. I have had immense loads of fun in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas as well. All of these places have so much to offer. There is the Grand Canyon very close to LA and LA also has Santa Monica Pier, Universal Studios and The Griffith Observatory which has a fantastic view of the city.

New York City

San Francisco has a fantastic skyline and also has the Golden Gate Bridge. Do I even need to talk to you about what Las Vegas has to offer? There is so much to see in the USA, and you will definitely need more than a month if you want to cover the whole country, I didn’t even talk about how much there is to see in New York City. I love to play games online in 1bet2u

The United Kingdom has actually been THE most beautiful place that I have ever visited. I have been to London a couple of times, and I CANNOT get over how amazing that city is. It has everything that I love. The tube which would be the underground speed trains are the most convenient way to get around the city. The Isle Of Sky and the Lochs of Scotland have proven to be as beautiful as they are described in every travel blog. One article is not enough for how much love I have for the United Kingdom.

Dubai certainly deserves a spot on this list as it boasts lavish skyscrapers which define the city that was built in a dessert. It has magnificent views and certainly proves to be a great place to travel to. It is also home to the tallest building in the world, and the view from up there is gorgeous.

Australia deserves so much love because it is tropical and has so much greenery and so many beaches. The country is known for its animals and its plethora of places you can have fun at. It is, indeed, a spectacular place to visit.

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